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A patisserie, which channels copious amounts of natural lighting and a chic color pallet combines creative art, pastries, and bar elements for an urbane experience facing Osaka's main street, Midosuji. Enjoy the freshly made sweets prepared by the chef in the open kitchen, along with W Osaka's original coffee, tea, and original labeled champagne.



11:30AM - 6PM (L.O. 5:30PM)


MIXup (1F / 34 seats)
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Our Menu

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Sweets & Special Drinks

Enjoy appetizing and playful sweets perfect for either your shopping or working break.
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Sweets and other treats prepared by the chef at the counter in front of you are served along with special drinks.

The patissier will prepare each sweet individually at the counter, a unique treat that only MIXup can offer!